Conversion This!

 The social media dork in me usually perks up, when I hear a social media story being talked about around me.  This usually leads me to jumping into conversations and correcting facts that I know are just plain wrong.  Such an occurance happened last week, when I was hanging out with some friends.

It all started when I was talking with some friends, who don’t work in the marketing field, about  Facebook’s IPO.  The conversation immediately turned to me, their social media friend, and one of them dared to ask me, “what kind of conversions do you get from social media?   It’s social media, it can’t be that good right?”

Now these guys don’t get social media, they work in the financial industry.  They only know sales and non-sales, there is no in between for them, they need a conversion to justify everything but how do I explain them the conversion of….Boners BBQ, Ocean Marketing, or Papa John’s.  These stories had no ROI, but if the correct social media channels were in place, these stories would not have happened.

A lot of us in today’s world, are just like my friends, they do not see the ROI on social media. They let their intern take over the social media accounts or they simply think that social media is an 8 – 5 job, but that’s all wrong.  Read the above stories, do I really need to explain the importance of social media to you, like I did my friends?  I hope not.  You’re smarter than that, right?

One thought on “Conversion This!

  1. It’s hard explaining social media to people who only think in absolutes but at the same time I can sympathize with the business owner who has to make a decision on how much resources to dedicate to social. I think framing it in the context of the overall reach of an organization is the best way to tackle that problem. I also think most people think of social just in terms of Facebook and Twitter but, as you know, it is much broader than that.

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