Why you should Check-in with FourSquare.

Cole Watts on FourSquare Me and my Foursquare Followers activity on Sunday.

Despite the fact that FourSquare has been around since mid-2009 and has had very strong word of mouth,  I am still surprised by the number of people who do not use it.

To many people it’s just a location based service(LBS), that has you check in to every new venue you walk into…but Foursquare is more than just that.  Though Foursquare does have some gaming and social elements, it’s future ambition is to be your map of the future.

With Foursquare explore launching last week it’s time to find out what this LBS is all about.

5 dirty facts about FourSquare:
1) Badges are kick-ass.  Badges have been part of Foursquare since day 1 and are a big part of the social part of Foursquare.  Click into multiple venues to be awarded a variety of badges including the Local badge, PlayerPlease badge, and the Animal House badge.
2) Free stuff rules.  Foursquare has partnered with a lot of small businesses and big businesses.  By simply checking in many users can win free appetizers and other great rewards.
3) Being a Mayor brings bragging rights.  Not only does a mayor get specific discounts depending on the venue, but you’ll find checking into your favorite venue, work, or even home is just great for bragging rights.
4) The Reviews. The reviews are what drives the engine of Foursquare.  Is there a dish that you should check out or maybe even a venue?  Check the reviews of the location you’re in, to see what people are saying.
5) FourSquare Explore.  The newest Foursquare feature creates a map based on Foursquare experiences.  Foursquare explore is the future is the search engine for your traveling experience.  Looking for a restaurant, gym, or even a mall?  Give FourSquare Explore a whirl and find the venue of your choice.

3 Facts for Business Owners:
1) It Builds your Business.  With Foursquare you can, offer a special, to quickly catch the eye of a local consumer.
2)It helps People Find You.  Don’t forget most people are using FourSquare to discover new places and eateries.  Claiming your location means that it will help customers find you.
3) It serves as a Customer Service Tool.  If you’re a business owner, reviews are important.  Either if they are good or bad they serve as a communication tool between you and your consumers.  Remember, Foursquare is the ultimate customer relations tool for restaurants and small businesses.  Claim your place and find out how you are doing.

So I definitely recommend checking out Foursquare today and also don’t forget to look up Cole Watts on Foursquare.

3 thoughts on “Why you should Check-in with FourSquare.

    • Maybe a bit, but FourSquare is an ever evolving company. Before FourSquare deals, it was mainly just a game you checked into places and got badges, then deals came along…now they have FourSquare Explore.
      What Facebook has going for it, and will for sometime, is it’s user base. Foursquare can honestly not compete with that. You can tie your FourSquare account with Facebook(it was one of the 60 apps that recently joined with Facebook), but I personally don’t like it’s interface with Facebook. But…unless Facebook creates some kind of review system, it will not be able to compete with Foursquare. They even scaled down their location plans last year, when they wern’t really succeeding.
      Yelp, is similar to foursquare because of it’s reviews. But unlike FourSquare it hasn’t evolve since it’s originally creation. It’s simply a “review site”, and nothing more. Why would you want to pull out your phone and just leave a review? Instead on Foursquare you can check in, then leave a review or even leave a recommendation. Foursquare has evolved more than just a simple review site, unlike Yelp, which helps it to gather more reviews and more users.

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