My Resolution for 2012.

When I was younger and in my early to mid 20’s, I always made New Years resolutions.  They’re a big part of American culture and something fun to do at the end of the year, but as I got older I realized that resolutions come and go all the time.  Hardly, do we need a New Year or particular day, to start what we think will be, life altering resolutions.  So this year, my resolution is a simple one for 2012, it involves stop making New Year’s resolutions.

Now you’re probably thinking that, that’s contradictory, making a resolution to stop making resolutions, but it’s not.  People such as me and you, make resolutions every year and often times it involves losing weight, making more money, or moving.  Well if we’re waiting for 2012 to make these goals come to life…what are we really doing?

Julien Smith tweeted out the following tweet this week and that’s what got me thinking about this:

Now, yes he’s trying to push his book, which I understand but what he said is right.  We need to focus on smaller short term goals and the long term goals will come.  You want to get healthier?  This week why don’t you set a goal of not going out to eat, this week.  Want to save money?  Stay home this weekend and watch a movie instead.  Want to be a better listener?  Sign up for a public speaking class today.  If you work on smaller goals and goals in the now, the long term goals will fall into place.

So in 2012, let’s give up resolutions and live in the present and the now.  Anything in your life can be fixed and all you have to do is start today.

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