The Black Friday Madness


I’m writing this the week of Thanksgiving…errr Black Friday.  Black Friday’s one of the biggest shopping days of the year and even Google realizes it.  That’s why they are offering their Chromebooks at the crazy price of $299.

Now, cheap computers are nothing new on black Friday as it seems like, everybody will be off searching for that low priced gift that they can give to a loved one whose going off to college or moving away, but for Google this is something different.

Google’s ChromeBooks when intially launched in July, were considered to be a lower priced computer but have still yet to catch on in the open market and this deal stinks to me, as a let’s throw these things against the wall and let’s see what happens.

Google has it’s hands on way to many cookie jars right now from search to social media, from now computers to Android devices.  That there long term marketing strategy remains totally unclear and in the case of the ChromeBook, not developed at all.  There are only so many products that you can throw a brand name on and I’m thinking that the ChromeBook might be one of them.

So will you be buying a chrome book this Christmas?  Or is there some other gift that you’ll be looking for, maybe a Kindle Fire or iPad?

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