Keeping up with the Facebook.


Um…have you been on Facebook, lately?  If so you’ve probably noticed some major changes from the social network giant.  Changes that I could hardly keep up with until I sat down last night and took a look at all of them.



1.  You can now tag the friends who are with you within a wall post.

2.  You can now tag your location within a wall post.

3.  This is probably the newest and biggest feature that Facebook has rolled out.  An updated and easier version of their groups/lists feature that allows you now to decide what groups see your posts.

Other features are on the way too including smart lists, grouping keyword stories, and a subscribe button.  Some of them you might have already seen others you might see in a few weeks.

Whether, this is all to combat Google+ or these are updates that Facebook had already been planning no one can say, regardless though there seems like a lot of them.

Are you happy with the updates or are you thinking this is changing way too much in a short period time?

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