The Giveaway

As a marketer I know how important the freebie is.  Frankly people love free stuff and who doesn’t?

In a day and age of high employment and low pay, everyone loves free stuff and with the added reach of the internet, the opportunity of a giveway or free item is higher now more than ever before.  it’s why contest have become increasingly popular.  With thousands of more people getting on the internet every day, the opportunity to interact with your customers is priceless and so is in most of the items we giveaway.

I’ve entered my own fairshare of contests in the day, but I’m writing about this because I want to try something new and I need you the readers to help me with.

In doing my annual fall cleaning, I found an old collection of comicbooks that I want to give away(Yes, insert I’m a comcigeek, fanboy, dork, etc), but I don’t know how to do it.  I could put it on Ebay and make an easy $100, but I want to give it to someone who will truly appreciate it…maybe even one of you guys.  If you’re curious, this collection is a run of the Avengers, with over 60 issues.  Just in time for the movie if you ask me.

So any suggestion on how I should give these comics away?  Any suggestions on what I should do with this old collection or do you simply know someone who would appreciate these as much as I used to?

Facebook and Your information.

I’m one of the last people, to argue about privacy online.  I have set all of my settings on Facebook to public and have no qualm about it. I even have a website dedicated to give you access to all of my social media accounts in,

Privacy is not an issue with me, so when I read that Facebook was in the midst of launching a whole slew of new buttons, I was intrigued by how Facebook was making it easier for us to give them our information.

Now, with a simple click of a button one can tell all their friends what they like, read, listen, and watch on Facebook. With these new buttons, Facebook is officially becoming the sole owner of our information online.  Not only will you be telling your friends what you’re doing at any given time, but you will also be telling Facebook this.

By making our lives easier, Facebook is getting more and more information from us. Have you seen the new lists feature yet? By easily creating lists for us, based on location, schools, and past job experience Facebook is grouping us together and thus creating more information about us.

I have no problem with Facebook getting even more of my information, but it’s starting to reach a level that even, I’m beginning to question it. What about you?  Are you worried about any of these new changes?

Keeping up with the Facebook.


Um…have you been on Facebook, lately?  If so you’ve probably noticed some major changes from the social network giant.  Changes that I could hardly keep up with until I sat down last night and took a look at all of them.



1.  You can now tag the friends who are with you within a wall post.

2.  You can now tag your location within a wall post.

3.  This is probably the newest and biggest feature that Facebook has rolled out.  An updated and easier version of their groups/lists feature that allows you now to decide what groups see your posts.

Other features are on the way too including smart lists, grouping keyword stories, and a subscribe button.  Some of them you might have already seen others you might see in a few weeks.

Whether, this is all to combat Google+ or these are updates that Facebook had already been planning no one can say, regardless though there seems like a lot of them.

Are you happy with the updates or are you thinking this is changing way too much in a short period time?