Two Deaths and a Blog Post

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or even on Twitter, you’re well aware that the last two weekends I’ve been dealing with some deaths in my family.  First my grandmother passed away on the 5th and then my parent’s dog Harley passed away in his sleep, on the 16th.  As you can imagine, it’s been a crazy month with tears shed here and there, but just like everything else we have to go on.

The human life, just like the life cycles of any product, is doomed to die and break down eventually, as sad as it to admit.  Look at Facebook, I would be more than a little scared due to the recent addition of Google+ to the social networking game field or hell Pandora should feel the same with with Spotify’s recent launch.

Death is a part of us as both humans and products.  It is our job as individuals to grow, be bold and live on.  Facebook and Pandora have been great products, and I’m sure they will still be around for the next few years but just like people, products break down.  This is nothing to bad to say either of these products, but after a while instead of being innovative products start to play the game safe and hesitantly.

Will Facebook and Pandora die quickly?  No, just like my Grandmother MJ or Harley, they will fight like hell to stay alive, but in the all we can do is watch.


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