I’m stupid and in love…

I’ve spent this last weekend thinking a lot about what I have become and where I’m at in my life right now.

This past week I spent the weekend in Charlotte, NC with my brother Cal Watts and an old high school friend.  We spent the day at HeroesCon(A comic book convention, don’t judge) and then the rest of the night at Cal’s apartment catching up.

I had an awesome time and it was great to catch up, but this trip just reminded me just how different I’ve become from my old high school friends.  Cal being the comic book nerd went from booth to booth looking for awesome deals and though, I’d rummage through the piles with him it’s just not me, neither was spending the evening talking about videogames and how the new final fantasy game was really cool.

I’m a blogger it’s what I’ve turned into.  A social media nut a bit.  I walked into Heroes con. and checked in on my phone(Foursquare) and took pictures with my phone of a few of the
costumed people(though there was no wi-fi in the  convention center, which was a big fail by the way).  As  they talked Saturday night, I could not help but think about how much this trip reminded me, of just who I really am  and how much I wanted to write about it.

I might be stupid but I’m kind of in love with this whole online marketing and technology thing.  It’s my joy and my passion.  This trip reminded me of that.

What’s your passion and when was the last time you got away from it, only to remind yourself how much you love it?

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