4 Blogs, very Marketer should know about

I read a lot of stuff online, including stuff from other bloggers and various other tech and social media websites.  Just like any marketer, I”m always hoping to learn something that will help me communicate with my audience better.

There are tons of blogs out there though, so it can be sometimes be easy to get lost in all of the online content.  Here are four blogs, that stand above the rest for me and I highly recommend that you check out.

SEOmoz – If you are not familiar with SEOMoz you’re missing out.  The SEOmoz blog will give you plenty of tips to make sure that your website is number one in the search results and also don’t forget to check them out on Friday’s for their weekly vlog White Board Friday’s.

Brand Savant – I’m always a sucker for good research and that’s what Tom Webster’s blog Brand Savant is all about.  Though not updated on a regular basis, Brand Savant will give you the marketing research that will blow your mind and help you survive in this digital age.

ReadWriteWeb – Everyone needs that one tech and social media site they go to, to keep up with what’s going on in the world.  I prefer ReadWriteWeb as my destination of choice though there are others including Mashable, EnGadget, and ThisisMyNext.

ChrisBrogan – I’m on the top of the Chris Brogan fan club, but his blog is rather insightful with tips, ideas, and sometimes the kick in the butt that we need as marketers.

Now that’s four blogs, I highly recommend.  What about yourself?

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