Friday Hangover: The Great Share button.


Facebook…Facebook…what will I do without you for news?  If you didn’t hear Facebook created a new button this week as they made the first ever Share button.  This button just serves as a simple reminder that email is not dead, which is a debate that’s been going on in the last year, with the rise of social media.  In other news this week though…Delicious gets a new owner, the White iPhone finally comes out and Myspace is officially put on the block.

Pic of the Week:

The Ultimate View.

My Easter weekend, in a nutshell.

The Friday Hangover
The Stories you missed, while you were drunk with your work week.

Delicious gets new owners.

Who wants to buy Myspace?

TweetDeck goes 2.0

RIM buys Tungle

White iPhone is here.

Google Docs gets an App

Sony loses your information.

Windows phone named.

The Nook gets apps.

Frito Lay sets Guiness Record


Person to follow:  Ignite Social Media
Ignite Social Media, boasts that they are the original social media agency, but regardless of if they were or not they know a thing or two about Social Media and you should be following them.  You can find them at their blog or find out more at their website

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