Loggin off: My hiking video.

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year, is to create a podcast, which I’m failing at miserably at. The resolution however, has less to do with creating a podcast however, and more about creating content, which I have been slowly working on.

A recent post by Chris Brogan, talked about the future of content and I have to agree that all media will be one in the future, we will have blogs, podcasts, and video all intertwined. So this weekend I decided to spend my time and create a small video using some of my thoughts on my latest hiking trip to Hanging Rock State Park. The video itself is very “raw” but I want you guys to bear with me as I get more and more familiar with the video format. I hope you guys enjoy.

You can find more information about Hanging Rock State Park at NCParks.gov, also if you want to go hiking with me in the future, shoot me an e-mail on the right or send me a DM on Twitter.

Friday Hangover: I want a Mac.

I don’t mean to be biased, or come off as a giant Apple fan…but I want a new Mac.  If you haven’t seen them yet or heard of them, something is obviously wrong.  The new Mac was announced Thursday and in my opinion it’s a true work of art, right down to the HD camera and Thunderbird Peripherals.  Did I say I want one? Anyways this week…we have news from Apple bringing Facetime to the Mac and Youtube showing live NBA games among other stories.

Picture of the day:

Picture of the day: Keep Out from Hanging Rock State ParkSo what does the first word say?


The Friday Hangover:
The top stories you missed, while you were drunk with your work week.

Google kills content farms.

Google now with recipe view.

Facetime for Mac arrives.

Tumblr unveils Leader board.

YouTube to broadcast NBA Games

Amazon offers streaming video.

Android Market buys some links.

Ipad 2 confirmed?

Facebook responds to FTC

Bing likes Facebook.

Person to follow:  Julien Smith
Julien Smith is a marketer who doesn’t hold back.  Most known for his work with Chris Brogan on trust agents, you can find his personal blog at inoveryourhead.net or watch his recent interview with Jim Everett.

5 Chrome Extensions you should be using.

This past week, beyond exploring the Hanging Rock State Park, I was busy exploring the world of browser extensions for the Google Chrome browser.  Now if you are not familiar with such a thing, you can view wikipedia’s entry for plug-ins,and extensions but these devices are generally applications that are attached to your web browser, usually in the top right corner and give you the ability perform certain tasks without leaving your browser.

Though, there are thousands of plug-ins and extensions, my recent search through the Google Chrome store has revealed 5 that I would definitely recommend everyone should take a look at.

1.  Chrome SEO – Chrome SEO was the first plug-in I ever downloaded.  If you consider even are simply dabbeling in the world of online marketing, this is a must have app.  It allows you to find the number of back links for a particular site in both Google and Alexia, plus it also gives you a small keyword directory.  What more could you ask for?

2.  Mini Google Maps – I love to travel and this is the ultimate app for a travel enthusiast.  Being an extension this is not your standard google maps, instead of giving you directions it will simply tell you where something is located.  Which is idea for somebody who simply needs a quick glance at where a place is located, when doing research.

3. 1-Click Weather for Chrome – Now if you are like me, before you leave your house in the morning you turn on your computer at some point.  If you turn on your computer, in the morning, it’s safe to say that you’re probably going to visit Weather.com so you know how to dress for the day.  Instead of going to weather.com though, why don’t you install this extension and get the daily weather report, right from your browser.

4.  Google Similar Pages – Labeled as a beta in the current Chrome store, this application will allow you to view similar pages to the one you’re on.  For a guy whose trying to keep an eye on his competitors, like me, this is an application I would definitely recommend checking out.

5.  PageRank Status – Another good tool that I found just the other day at work, thanks to Jim Burrow.  This plug-in always shows the current page rank of the page you’re on, in the top right corner of your browser.

Now these are just a few of the extensions in the Chrome store but there are hundreds in the chrome store to use ranging from productivity and sports, to blogging and social media.  What extensions do you use on a daily basis?  I would love to hear.