Stop sharing the same thing to Twitter and Facebook!

Do you want to know a pet peeve of mine?  Something that really drives me insane?  When people post the same thing on their Twitter and Facebook account.  Do they not really understand that this is two different audiences?

Now as I was watching the Jets/Steelers game Sunday night Morgan Siem even mentioned this on, when she mentions not to be automated on every website.  People need to understand that every platform is different.

Facebook and Twitter are two different platforms.  People need to recognize this.  You can not use hashtags in Twitter and them send to your Facebook page.  Most standard Facebook users will not understand what your hashtag is or what you are trying to say. I mean, I’m friends with many people on both platforms but my 50-year old Aunt whose only on Facebook is not going to know what a hashtag is or what you are trying to say by using it.

Also these are two different completely audiences, you have to remember.  Your mom is more than likely on Facebook looking at pictures of her granddaughter’s first birthday party, she’s not doing this on Twitter, while your local community managers are probably following your tweets on Twitter and not your status updates on Facebook.  Twitter is great for sending out links to stories and other places on the Internet, where Facebook is a great place for content with pictures and to reach a core audience.  People need to realize this, these two applications are nothing a like.

So please for the love of god, stop using Twitter and Facebook at the last time.  It’s not only annoying me, but it’s probably annoying somebody else.

One thought on “Stop sharing the same thing to Twitter and Facebook!

  1. That’s an interesting take on it, and that’s sort of how I look at it, too. Facebook is for communicating with people I know, Twitter is for keeping up with (and reaching out to) strangers that share common interests. I recently decided to simplify the divide – I deactivated my real-name Twitter account and reconstructed it as an anonymous-handle account. I guess I just felt like going back to the old days of the internet and kicking it anonymous, troll-style. JK, I don’t troll.

    I will say this: it’s easy to fall into the trap you’re describing because Twitter wants to be Facebook and Facebook wants people to be public and open (like they are on Twitter).

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