Friday Hangover: An Iphone for you

If you haven’t heard by now the breaking news of the week was the fact that Verizon was announced for Apple.  Now being an apple user(and sometimes fanboy), I can honestly say I will not be making the switch over to Verzion for a number of reasons…at least not immediately.  But there is one guy, who is ready to make the switch and you can view his video here.

Pic of the day:

The current state of my Iphone 3GS

The Friday Hangover:
The stories you missed while you were drunk with your weekend.

New Apple Update

Google Places + Hotpot come to Iphone

Google Transit gets smarter

Upate your food, with footspotting

Google Goggles now solves Seduko

Android passes Apple

Machine beats man in Jeopardy

Translate with Google Translater

Verizon gets the Iphone

Myspace for Sale!

Person to follow::    Brian Solis

If you’re not familiar with Brian Solis you can view his Wikipedia page here or his blog and his entry on Dell’s data centers here.

One thought on “Friday Hangover: An Iphone for you

  1. I don’t think most people realize that the big reason for service issues on ATT is because of the number of peeps using iPhones. Verizon has had years to prepare their network for this so hopefully they won’t have the same growing pains. Hopefully the competition will lead to lower prices and improved service no matter which carrier you choose.

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