Resolutions for 2011

Resolutions, we all have them.  Some people use New Years resolutions as a way to make promises that they will never keep such as losing weight or moving away.  New Years to me though, is a springboard for writing down my thoughts and thinking about what I want to do in the coming year.  Here is last year’s post, which I was 5 out of 10 for on the success meter, so let’s see how this year’s resolution list goes.

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Friday Hangover: A Social takeover.

Despite the fact that we are this close to Christmas does not mean that nobody’s making announcements.  This week’s top headlines seemed to come from the top two social media platforms Twitter and Facebook.  Facebook started this week, by having their CEO named person of the year over time Magazine and ending the week on the high note as they officially change the profiles of fan pages…but Twitter shot back by announcing changes in it’s new advertising philosophy.  All of this happened…and yet, I can’t forget the Wikileaks guy.

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My 10 predictions for 2011

So without further wait…here are my top 10 predictions for 2011.

1. The TV will be next on the chopping block. Everybody this year has talked about  how the newspaper is dying, while if the newspaper is dying a slow death, then the TV is next on the chopping block.  With a variety of options now available to replace the TV including Netflix, Hulu, GoogleTV and Apple TV…I believe it might be the next medium to fall.

2.  Books will also cease to exist. This is one that’s hard for me to say out loud, because I love books, I REALLY DO…but I see the future of information in our consumer driven society and I hate to say this, but I really do not see the future of the physical book looking really good.  These days anybody can type a few pages and slap it on an electrical device, bypassing the manufacturing process altogether. Continue reading