My 20 Truths.

Inspired by a few blog posts I have read in the last week by these guys CC Chapmen, Amber Naslund, and DJ Waldow.  I decided that I would create my own list of 20 truths.
  1. Sometimes you just have to take a chance.
  2. If you can’t laugh at yourself, something is definitely wrong.
  3. Fantasy Football is much better when betting’s involved.
  4. Your job does not stop once you clock out.
  5. I love Raleigh, NC but I would have rather came from this small town, than the town I am now.
  6. A company better have more of a Social Media game plan than just posting stuff.
  7. Talking to my father on my way into work, is always a highlight of my day.
  8. I check my Twitter account, way too much.
  9. I do not want to be Chris Brogan, but he is sort of my idol in this career field.
  10. A nice home cooked meal, is better than anything your restaurant can cook.
  11. I don’t know what I would do without my friends Cal and Jesse.
  12. I miss hiking in the mountains.
  13. When you tell someone “Sorry, I’ve been busy,” you’re really telling them that they are not high on your priority list.
  14. I work in the online marketing field and I love it.
  15. Making someone smile is always the highlight of my day.
  16. The hometown Carolina Panthers are the worst team in the NFL and need to fire their GM, but sadly they won’t.
  17. Pete Yorn is my man crush.  I can say that right?
  18. Listening is a much harder task, than people give it credit for.
  19. We are creating our brand more and more everyday in social media, but most people forget that we brand ourselves every day by what we wear and simply what we do.
  20. I have my own handful of failures and losses, but I am sure that I would do them all over again.

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