5 for Friday: Ouroboros’ and Microsoft, you figure it out.

So Cal got his Ouroboros yesterday, reminding us once again that we are our own worst enemies.

5 for Friday
5 Tech stories, from the week that was.

  1. Apple to hold Iphone 4 conference today, but be careful, because it might lose reception.
  2. Thanks to Google, now even you can be an App. Inventer.
  3. Microsoft to launch “Ipad Killer” and let’s just hope it’s better than the Kin.
  4. Microsoft is now paying us to switch to Bing, is the Kin next?
  5. Flash player goes 3D.

Blog post of the week:  Social media is Not a Vacation by Chris Brogan.  Chris echoes my same thoughts, when I tell people that I was recently hired to a Social Media position.

Fellow Friday: @KarlSakas, @MeganCarriker, @CarleeMallard.  Three people who are not only excellent writers, but great people as well.

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