Naked and Dying, is how I feel.

I mentioned in my last 5 for Friday’s, that I was having trouble with my computer. Well, I finally broke down and took my computer to Absolute Computer’s in Cary,NC on my brother’s suggestion. Do not get me wrong, I am not a novice when it comes to computer errors or repair, but after starting a new job Monday, I have found myself in desperate need for a computer and simply do not have the time to troubleshoot all possible errors.

So in the meantime, I’m being forced to borrow my roommatebrother’s computer to check the occasional twitter post or Facebook message, but I literally feel naked without my computer.

Am I dying? No, but not having the customization’s or browser plug in’s that drive my very world has left me on the verge of death.

Maybe I am over exagerting a bit, but what would you do without your computer? Imagine all of your personal information and custom widgets gone. We put so much effort into making our computers do exactly what we want them to do, that we forget how hard it is to live without them.

2 thoughts on “Naked and Dying, is how I feel.

  1. I think I would live. No, on second thought, I wouldn’t! I would end up failing summer school because all of my classes are online!

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