5 for Fridays: Apple, Apple, and Apple.

In honor of the Month that’s been for Apple, my 3GS running IOS4.

5 for Friday
5 Tech Stories that you might of missed, from the week that was.

  1. Chrome officially becomes the number 3 Browser, and has first place in it’s sights in the Browser Wars.
  2. Anybody wanna GoogleMe? Google has it’s eyes on taking on Facebook.
  3. Steve Jobs response to Iphone4 Issues, did you really expect anything more?
  4. The Kin is Dead.  Yes, goodbye Microsoft’s six week old Smartphone but that’s okay because…
  5. Iphone is coming to Verizon? Oh, wait…haven’t we heard this story before?

Blog Post of the Week:  The What is Twitter – by Brian McDonald.  Brian’s tale of how Twitter has replaced the daily Newspaper.

Follow Friday:  NBA Free Agency is officially on us, follow these guys to keep up.  @Sportsguy33, @ChadFordInsider, @Stein_Line_HQ,

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