10 Things You Should Know About Me Part 3.

So when I was taking a look at my blog the other day, I found this old post and  figured it was time for an update.

I mean, it’s been way too long since i’ve shared something meaningful with you guys, so why not share with you 10 Things You Should Know About Me Part 3

I started the original post which you can find here, 3 years ago thanks to Amber Naslund who did something similar on her older defunkt blog, and I found it as a good way to share who really is Cole Watts.  I encourage all of you guys to do the same.

Saying that, here are 10 things you should probably know about me.

  1. Work hard, Be Kind is My Motto. You can fail and you can yell, but as long as you work hard and help others you can achieve anything in this life I believe.
  2. My First Entrepreneur Job was Selling CD’s in High School. My hustle started at an early age. I was the first kid with a CD burner back in the day, and would spend many days in front of my locker hustling $5 burned CD’s with Cal Watts. (Don’t tell the Metallica.)
  3. I’m a Penny Pusher and Will Always Pack My Lunch. A penny saved is a penny earned, in my opinion. Like Sam Walton, I pack my lunch and try to push every penny that I can.
  4. I Love Meeting New People and Learning Their Stories. People are awesome and it’s often good to hang out with different people who come from different backgrounds. I try my best to meet one new person a week.
  5. Pete Yorn is my Favorite Musician. Music for the Morning After, is my Favorite Album. There’s nothing more that I need to say. Get Spotify and listen to Pete now. He also did an album with Scarlett Johnason awhile back.
  6. I Will Never Forget the Time I Was Jobless and Perusing My Career. Those times Taught Me a Lot. 5 and half years ago, I quit my retail job and moved to Raleigh, NC.  The first year was tough but I never worked harder and learned more about myself, with the aid of my brother. Thank you Cal.
  7. I’m a Bit Vain. If you’re a girl there’s a chance you’ve heard me say, “Does this Look Good on me?” Yes, I do this often.
  8. I Don’t Cry.  You may hurt me and shake me, but you will not destroy me. I learned long ago to let things go even when it’s tough to do so.
  9. I’m an Underdog Fan. Rooting for winners is easy, but it’s the underdogs, the people who are pushing the envelope against all odds, who really make a difference in today’s society. That’s why when you guys were pulling for the Bulls I was pulling for the MailMan and John Stockton.
  10. And Yes, I still prefer Brunettes over blondes. Have I mentioned I’m single?

What about you? What do you wish people knew about you?

My 3 Words for 2015.

Wow, 2014 is coming to a close and what can I say? I already said it was a crazy year here, but if I can say it again, yes it was just plain crazy. 2014 was emotional, funny, bad, good and yes, most of all fun. Saying that I wouldn’t take anything back about this past year.

I will never forget…speaking at WordCamp, the late night TIMA emails, creating a Movember video, visiting the fire house in Asheville, trying a video series, the Electric Run, the many coffee shops I visited, and much more.

Saying that it’s tradition to pick 3 words that hopefully will define my 2015.

My 3 Words for 2014 were Build, Plan, and Smile. There’s lots that could be said of whether I lived for those words or not, but I would say the year was a success overall.

Saying that, my words to focus on 2015 are: Strength, Balance, and Consistency.

Strength: 2015 is a year of strength, not just mentally which is something that I always push for, but a year of physical strength as well.  In 2015, I’ve challenged myself to complete both the Tough Mudder and the Rugged Maniac, won’t you join me?

Balance: I did a lot of stuff this past year, I mean a A LOT. I thought 2013 was a bit crazy, but looking back at it I was wrong.  In 2015 I vowel to find the perfect work-life blend or balance, and spend more time in 2015 just with friends and family.

Consistency: I tried a lot of stuff in 2014. Trying a lot of stuff means that a lot of stuff ended up being left on the wall at various times and some projects got rushed out before they should have. In 2015, I will push to have a lot more consistency in the work that I do.

These are my words for 2015, what are yours?

It’s Pronounced Pro·pri·e·tar·y.

Bendgate! iOS 8 Bugs! I don’t know how often I hear this. The newest Iphone 6 has met with a wide range of bugs and criticism. Anyone remember the antenna problems from previous iphones? The Iphone is always having issues. Why respect Apple, some say. Android you can do anything with, it has awesome phones. Apple is a marketing company they are a subpar engineering company!

But every time an issue has risen apple has responded. There has to be something said about that. pro·pri·e·tar·y, It’s a big word so I decided to give you the exact pronunciation. Proprietary. It’s defined as of or relating to an owner or ownership, or while that is how our friend Merriam Webster defines it. Regardless its something that makes Apple different. Each design and every piece of their technology is theirs. To get something on iTunes, Apple has a very selective process versus Android’s open apps. They take pride in everything they do. Many people forget Android is a software company first, then a hardware. While several sets of hardware are manufactured to run on Google’s mobile platform not all of them run the same specs. For the past couple of years various Google various have come out on a number of phones. This is not the case with Apple, as each phone is developed with their own software system. You know what your going to get with the iPhone. But this is not start the Apple vs. iPhone debate. That can rest for another time. This is the issue of when did everyone start working together?

The second definition of proprietary is ownership. Who owns ownership in one platform? Once the finger is pointed who will take the blame? Will anybody? In February of 2013 the F35 suffered another drawback. On February 21, 2013 the pentagon ordered a grounding of all F35 aircraft after discovering a crack in a turbine blade. All fingers pointed to Manufacture Lockheed Martin. This just served as another letdown in the program. With delays and more additional spending added every day many people questioned the project. A lot of people were quick to blame Lockheed martin. And to blame they did with talks on congress. Their names were all over that jet. But like the Android phone even though their name was on it the engines were not theirs, they were Pratt & Whitney’s. Thus, why were they not in the news?

My Question is what ever happen to proprietary equipment. Whatever happened to one company making a product and supporting one product? Proprietary equipment offers many benefits, such as one company being able to take responsible for their actions. The old saying “Too many hands in the cookie jar” now rivals the great statement “become good at one thing, and run with it”. To many things have become incorporate with other too many things. Is this our inevitable downfall with technology?

So next time you see a piece of technology ask yourself who made it, and who is responsible for it. If something was to fail on this who could I contact for help? Will I have to go through several hoops to get my answer? The answer may shock you. Proprietary companies are a dying breed. There is no “one company and their rivals” anymore. Everyone is linked together except for the proprietary companies. And I have always had something for the little guy by himself.