Introducing The Triangle Marketing Club

Give, Give, Give, Ask

It’s funny how networking and drinks can lead to something. It seems just like yesterday that Chris Douglas came to me and said we need a mentorship program, that connects recent graduates with marketers and business people here in the Triangle. What led to a long conversation with Chris and conversations with many other people, has led me to be proud to announce the Triangle Marketing Club.

The History of the Triangle Marketing Club

I like to think that the Triangle Marketing Club began with a few conversations that I had with my co-founder Chris Douglas, but it really started way before that. It’s origins go back to the early days of the Triangle marketing and networking scene. Back when people like Wayne Sutton and Jeffrey Cohen were still running around and building their early careers. Pioneers like them and the people who came after them really defined what the Triangle is and has become, a blossoming place for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business people of all kinds.

These days we now have the Triangle AMA, Raleigh Public Relations Society, Raleigh AIGA, and many other organizations that have become the hub for many Triangle creatives. That said though there’s not one spot that brings them altogether and that’s the goal of the Triangle Marketing Club, a 100% FREE organization that brings everyone in the marketing scene together.

Who Are We?

The Triangle Marketing Club is an organization dedicated to bringing like minded triangle marketers altogether in one house. One month we could be taking about the state of marketing, next month we can talk about those early things you need to do as you become a CMO, and next month we could be talking about video marketing…the topic ideas are endless, because so is marketing.

Marketing is ever changing and in a world where there are so many touch points the Triangle Marketing Club hopes to touch all of it. But wait…there’s more.

Not only do we want to serve as a hub for all of your marketing needs, we also want to empower the people of tomorrow. Either if you’re changing careers or a recent graduate, we’d love to help you. Email myself or my co-organizer Chris Douglas and we’ll connect you to one of the many awesome people that makes the Triangle great. We’ll base the people we connect you with on your skill set and what you’re looking to do. The Triangle has many great connectors and we want to use them to help you grow.

Follow us on Twitter or join our Meetup page here. Fail or succeed, our goal is to bring value  to you the individual each and every month. Please join us as we take on the journey that is the Triangle Marketing Club.

***We’re also looking for sponsors. Message me to find out how you can get your company involved. 

10 Things You Should Know About Me Part 3.

So when I was taking a look at my blog the other day, I found this old post and  figured it was time for an update.

I mean, it’s been way too long since i’ve shared something meaningful with you guys, so why not share with you 10 Things You Should Know About Me Part 3

I started the original post which you can find here, 3 years ago thanks to Amber Naslund who did something similar on her older defunkt blog, and I found it as a good way to share who really is Cole Watts.  I encourage all of you guys to do the same.

Saying that, here are 10 things you should probably know about me.

  1. Work hard, Be Kind is My Motto. You can fail and you can yell, but as long as you work hard and help others you can achieve anything in this life I believe.
  2. My First Entrepreneur Job was Selling CD’s in High School. My hustle started at an early age. I was the first kid with a CD burner back in the day, and would spend many days in front of my locker hustling $5 burned CD’s with Cal Watts. (Don’t tell the Metallica.)
  3. I’m a Penny Pusher and Will Always Pack My Lunch. A penny saved is a penny earned, in my opinion. Like Sam Walton, I pack my lunch and try to push every penny that I can.
  4. I Love Meeting New People and Learning Their Stories. People are awesome and it’s often good to hang out with different people who come from different backgrounds. I try my best to meet one new person a week.
  5. Pete Yorn is my Favorite Musician. Music for the Morning After, is my Favorite Album. There’s nothing more that I need to say. Get Spotify and listen to Pete now. He also did an album with Scarlett Johnason awhile back.
  6. I Will Never Forget the Time I Was Jobless and Perusing My Career. Those times Taught Me a Lot. 5 and half years ago, I quit my retail job and moved to Raleigh, NC.  The first year was tough but I never worked harder and learned more about myself, with the aid of my brother. Thank you Cal.
  7. I’m a Bit Vain. If you’re a girl there’s a chance you’ve heard me say, “Does this Look Good on me?” Yes, I do this often.
  8. I Don’t Cry.  You may hurt me and shake me, but you will not destroy me. I learned long ago to let things go even when it’s tough to do so.
  9. I’m an Underdog Fan. Rooting for winners is easy, but it’s the underdogs, the people who are pushing the envelope against all odds, who really make a difference in today’s society. That’s why when you guys were pulling for the Bulls I was pulling for the MailMan and John Stockton.
  10. And Yes, I still prefer Brunettes over blondes. Have I mentioned I’m single?

What about you? What do you wish people knew about you?

My 3 Words for 2015.

Wow, 2014 is coming to a close and what can I say? I already said it was a crazy year here, but if I can say it again, yes it was just plain crazy. 2014 was emotional, funny, bad, good and yes, most of all fun. Saying that I wouldn’t take anything back about this past year.

I will never forget…speaking at WordCamp, the late night TIMA emails, creating a Movember video, visiting the fire house in Asheville, trying a video series, the Electric Run, the many coffee shops I visited, and much more.

Saying that it’s tradition to pick 3 words that hopefully will define my 2015.

My 3 Words for 2014 were Build, Plan, and Smile. There’s lots that could be said of whether I lived for those words or not, but I would say the year was a success overall.

Saying that, my words to focus on 2015 are: Strength, Balance, and Consistency.

Strength: 2015 is a year of strength, not just mentally which is something that I always push for, but a year of physical strength as well.  In 2015, I’ve challenged myself to complete both the Tough Mudder and the Rugged Maniac, won’t you join me?

Balance: I did a lot of stuff this past year, I mean a A LOT. I thought 2013 was a bit crazy, but looking back at it I was wrong.  In 2015 I vowel to find the perfect work-life blend or balance, and spend more time in 2015 just with friends and family.

Consistency: I tried a lot of stuff in 2014. Trying a lot of stuff means that a lot of stuff ended up being left on the wall at various times and some projects got rushed out before they should have. In 2015, I will push to have a lot more consistency in the work that I do.

These are my words for 2015, what are yours?